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Is Everything all right with the present system of Education?

Mrs. Nagamani Bhaskar
Dr. Mehboob Peeran

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Very recently a student regarding education abroad approached one of the authors.

Here are a few details.

The student has secured a BSc., degree with Chemistry and Biology as principal subjects from Bangalore University, wants to pursue a MS program abroad.

Upon enquiry the student revealed the following facts.
Parents have a modest financial background.
Is aware of the fact that it costs around 15 lakhs of Rupees (30,000 $) per year of study abroad which varies with the place of study.
Is confident of raising a study loan from Banks.
Was enquiring which field has the greatest prospects.
Wants to know a field where there is no Chemistry involved.
Has not heard of the fact that 16 years of schooling in India is necessary to get admitted to the graduate programs in US.
Is not aware that GRE and TOFEL exams are necessary to get into US universities.
Does not want to pursue a M.Sc, program here and then try abroad, because feels education here in India is not worth it.
Has met with “consultants for education abroad” from whom has received considerable encouragement.

All these from a student of a reputed college from Bangalore area and comes from a family with one parent who is a medical doctor from a major Government Hospital in Bangalore.

It is apparent from the above information that the student has remained at the “knowledge” level and is unable to comprehend the practical realities and is totally inadequate to deal with the problem at hand. The ignorance in matters concerned is appalling. Any information to the contrary to the student’s expectations is not well received in fact is completely ignored.

The authors would like to point out the role played by various local newspapers who answer clarifications regarding education abroad. True they give the right information, but what the enquirer perceives is different. The enquirer generally feels encouraged and has ambitions not within the financial and intellectual requirements of the task ahead thus causes immense hardships to everyone concerned, leading to even conflicts within a family.

Clearly there is a need for change in our approach. But where do we start? Perhaps creating “awareness” in the minds of students, teachers, and parents is the beginning.

A tall order, Yes, but what else?

Response from readers are most welcome.

We will include the responses in a separate page

PS: This article does not in anyway undermine the efforts by leading educationalists and scientists in the field.

Many such well meaning personalities are working relentlessly towards the objective.

It is just that the need of the hour is for a greater participation from all concerned.

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