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Green Chemistry


Science has played a major role in all spheres of human activity. Its contribution to the "material well being" of all of us is immense and undeniable. It has brought about revolutionary changes in our perception of everything around us. Our comprehension of our planet with its enormous diversity, is different now than what it was even a couple of decades back and will most certainly change in the future. It has been responsible in altering our social structure and even our way of thinking. There have been many positive impacts of Science. Nevetheless, this planet is certainly not inhabited by just us the "Homo sapiens", who constitute only a small but significant part of living organisms. The significant point is that we have the ability to alter the eco-system (that is throw a monkey wrench into it). There are innumerable reports from scinetists of repute about the havoc caused by human activity on the eco-system and the damage done. The depletion of ozone layer, deforestation resulting in climate and geological changes, global warming and extinction of some species are a few examples. It is an absolute neccessity that the global community of scientists and others to take a serious look into this. Of course, efforts are being made already in this direction by well meaning people in various walks of life. But it is not sufficient. The role of "Chemistry," considering these negative aspects, how a serious atempt should be made to retain the positives and minimise if not eliminate altogether the negatives is what "Green chemistry" is all about.

The article that follows is by a renowned professor who is well known as a scientist working in the field of Organic Chemistry in Bangalore area. Please take a look at some of his impressive credentials.

You can contact him through: mpeeran@gmail.com
Dr. Mehboob Peeran

Dr. Gopalpur Nagendrappa is a native of the State of Karnatakain India. Retired recently from Bangalore University where he was the Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry. He was a First Rank holder in BSc, from Mysore University and M.Sc., from Bangalore University.He obtained his Ph.D. from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1970.


Here are a few of his other major achievements.

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Green Chemistry principles
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