Bangalore The Garden City- Kempegowda Towers
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The lineage of Sri kempegowda was established in the 13 th century with Yelahanka as the Capital. During the 14th and 15th centuries Kempempegowdas were ruling over the province of "Sivanasamudra simey". Kempegowda I founded the Bengaluru (Bangalore)City in the middle of 16th Century & was hailed as "Bangalore Kempegowda". After the City was founded he constructed four Towers in four directions at cardinal points predicting that in the years to come it would extend to these towers. One such Tower is in lalbagh, atop the rock mound. These are popularly called "Kempegowda Towers". Although the celebrated Lalbagh is said to have been founded by Hyder Ali in 1760, the antiquity of the garden goes back to 1660 AD. (reproduced from a notice in Lalbagh).
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