Types of Tautomerism

Tautomerism can be divided into,

  • Open system
  • Ring system
  • Open system The example considered earlier(in the previous page)is one such type (keto - enol), this type is also called Prototropy since it involves the actual migration of a proton.
    Open system can also be further classified as follows,

    DIAD system: It involves the migration from atom 1  to 2 .
    Open System Tautomerism
    TRIAD system: This involves migration from atom 1 to atom 3.
    Keto-enol tautomerism
    Nitro – oximino (nitroso – isonitroso


    Oxime Nitroso Tautomerism

    Ring systems

    A good example of this type is the glucose molecule which exists in solution as a equilibrium mixture of the open chain form which is an aldose and the ring form ( α and β glucose)
    Ring Systems Tautomerism
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