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ChemVista is all about making chemistry-learning interesting and even fun. Many students have a kind of mental block against chemistry in general and organic chemistry in particular. The perception is that chemistry is boring, difficult, uninteresting, essentially factual and devoid of intellectual content. Everyday, every moment, we deal with innumerable number of chemicals without our knowledge, we consume a number of chemical compounds (pharmaceuticals) to keep us in good health, we even conduct many reactions without being aware of them. Take for instance the process of breathing, it is a result of thousands of biochemical reactions. In fact our very existence is due to millions of chemical reactions taking place in our system. Our kitchen is loaded with chemicals, and the operations we carry out in a chemistry lab and a kitchen are similar, though the end products are designed for different needs.
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Haloform reaction

Iodoform test

Chemistry Articles-for M.Sc, program in Organic Chemistry.

Haloform reaction Iodoform test
II semester: Addition of HBr to an alkene. Addition of Bromine to an alkene, Bromonium ion Mechanism, Stereochemistry of addition of Bromine to cis and trans 2-Butene Markonikov addition, peroxide effect.
IV semester: Asymmetric Synthesis, Enantioselective synthesis, Terms in Stereochemistry.